Online Training


Face-to-face training is without doubt a superior training experience, but it is a very expensive model for deployment.
For organizations wanting to effectively standardize problem-solving and reporting company-wide, REASON9 provides some  unique, powerful, and cost effective training options.

Historically, commercial Root Cause Analysis system providers have not really  had an option but to do face-to-face training. Though some RCA providers offer a basic introductory RCA online course, clients who desire user-level skills must attend a face-to-face training course. This is because the systems of RCA that have been historically available (REASON 8 and earlier versions included)  were too complex to teach user-level skills  without a longer face-to-face training. So, if organizations wanted professional RCA capabilities,  their options were limited.They had to do onsite, face-to-face training.
With REASON9 this has all changed; the tool has become so easy to understand and use that the training task required to learn it has been greatly reduced. So, for the first time in the industry , there is a tool where computer-based training is a real option for user-training. For the first time, professional, user-level training can be deployed across your organization via online computer-based training overnight.
Organizations with the budgets to fund it, would be well advised to still conduct face to face training , as it is still the superior training option. Yet now with REASON ®9 ONLINE, organizations now have more deployment options. These new REASON9 ONLINE training options provide 80-90% of the value of a face-to-face training, in a self-paced, logistically friendly course, at a fraction of the cost.Those basic deployment options are:
  1. Deploy across your organization with all face-to-face training courses (and use REASON ONLINE training courses to refresh, maintain and grow the system).
  2. Deploy face-to-face training for key personnel during the RCA launch, let other users utilize the  REASON ONLINE training courses to refresh, maintain and grow the system.
  3. Use REASON ONLINE training courses initially for deployment as well as to refresh, maintain and grow the system.
Not only is REASON9  training now online , but the training for REASON9 is totally unique and powerful in the RCA industry. We analyzed existing online training products (online training related to software) and looked for the common causes  for why they worked or failed. What we discovered was that students in computer-based training often experience a learning disconnect between their training  experience  and actually using the software that they are being trained to use.  When the user changed between the computer tools for learning and the computer tool in application (that they were trying to learn) there was often a difficult transition.

What Skyline has done to solve this common problem is totally revolutionary for an online Root Cause Analysis training and software system. Skyline has incorporated the applicational learning chapters of its RCA training module into the software itself. In this way, there is no disconnect  for the student. The student is learning to use the RCA software and method within the very tool he is trying to learn. There is no transition! The user gets feedback, suggestions and application guidance in a self-paced, exploration-friendly teaching mode within the REASON9 online tool itself.

It takes more than RCA skills to be a good RCA investigator.Interviewing skills, data collection skills, Human Performanceand many other skills are needed to become a well-rounded analyst. Click here to learn more about the REASON9 Online Continuing Education Program.