Core Group

One of the efficient ways to deploy root cause analysis skills and tools it to take the SWAT Team approach. This concept provides you with a crack team of problem solvers drawn from key disciplines and processes within your organization. The premise for the strategy is to provide the organization with the immediate and effective resource for getting a quick handle on any developing problem within the organization. The REASON System is particularly suited for establishing and equipping your problem solving team with the resources to come on line quickly, to communicate the status of projects, to share and assign discipline responsibilities for various aspects of a problem, to objectively analyze and compare response options, and to quickly generate professional and objective reports upon which management can base decisions and actions. Each member of the team is trained to understand exactly how problems develop within organizations and how to examine operations for developing problems. The REASON process assures that the right questions are asked at the right time in order to get necessary information while it is still accessible. Instant documentation features provide critical information in professional format. REASON provides the capabilities and tools to attack any operations problem efficiently and effectively.