Root Cause Analysis… Designed for you.

Welcome to the REASON® Root Cause Analysis system.

REASON® is an online, state-of-the-art Root Cause Analysis software tool set and training system that can, quickly and cost effectively, put your organization on the path to world-class organizational control and operational excellence.

Whether you deploy Six Sigma, Lean, 8D, or other another Systems Improvement Initiative, it’s important to recognize that it is within the ‘Analysis/Root Cause’ component within that initiative where understanding is gained, and solutions and improvements are discovered.

This truth makes an organization’s choice of an analysis method (to embed into its Six Sigma or other initiative) an important one. It also highlights how by embedding a more powerful ‘analysis’ method an organization can improve its existing system.

In truth, the degree to which a Six Sigma, Lean, OpEx or other Quality or Process Improvement system achieves its goals is often dictated by the quality of ‘Analysis’ that is under the hood of the overall initiative.

The greatest implementation of Six Sigma, Lean, Triz, 8D or other Quality/Process Improvement initiative can all be made worthless if the ‘Analysis’ process embedded within it is poor and ineffective. Conversely, a more robust and mature ‘analysis’ process can take these systems to another level of power and effectiveness.

REASON is an “analysis’ engine that has been designed to plug into all of these systems. REASON is a ‘race car’ analysis engine designed to plug into and embed inside your new (or existing) process improvement system’s chassis to power it in achieving greater results.

Raise the performance bar for your Improvement Systems. Choose REASON as the analysis within your Quality or Systems Improvement programs, or broadly within your overall Operational Excellence initiative.

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