The requirements placed upon root cause analysis activity within the services and agencies of Government are well-defined, exacting, demanding, often changing and always voluminous. DSI has maintained close communications with government administrators, officials and field analysts to meet the changing needs of professional root cause analysis within the government environment.

REASON provides risk assessment and tiered analysis methodology to facilitate compliance with the U.S. Department of Energy’s ORPS and major event analyses requirements. (more about REASON in the DOE)

The REASON System has been tested and is certified for installation and application on the Navy Marine Corp Intranet System affording pier-side connectivity to Navy vessels in port, and links to more than 371,000 desktops across the United States.

REASON provides self-customizing cause codes to accommodate the needs for government tracking, trending and statistical studies.

The REASON inquiry process provides criteria for accuracy and a functional quality-control test that validates the data at each step. REASON is ideally suited for the demanding analysis criteria called for by national emergency and homeland security issues. For example, REASON was the method, technology and software used by the international root cause analysis team that investigated and analyzed the East Coast electric blackout of Aug ’03 for the U.S. Department of Energy and the North American Electric Reliability Council.

The advanced modeling and documentation capabilities of the REASON System are designed at a level that provides a quick and practical utility for modeling quality issues in operations improvement projects, but supports as well the level of modeling necessary to depict a problem of the magnitude of a national electrical grid outage affecting half a continent. The REASON model of the Aug. ’03 Blackout included over 5000 individual causal factors.

The advanced REASON method and lessons learned system deployed by our country’s space program for the Space Shuttle and International Space Lab projects are the capabilities necessary and called for by federal requirements detailing the management criteria for handling counter-quality events, particularly the importance of broadcasting knowledge learned from the analysis of events.

REASON provides the discipline of objectivity and the rigor of repeatable process required for investigation of critical events such as called for by the United Space Alliance, NAVAIR, the U.S Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration and NERC.