The Aerospace Industry deals with critical demands upon every aspect of the operations and every act of every person involved . . . a world of zero tolerances. In this industry we must have the correct answers to any unanticipated problem quickly and the first time. The capabilities of the problem solving method used in this industry is a primary issue upon which mission success can hinge. In this environment, there can be no subjective guess work, no long debates, no trial balloon remedies. There must be repeatable process, criteria for accuracy and objective analysis.

If your organization serves the aerospace industry, you may already know that REASON is the root cause analysis, corrective action tracking and lessons learned system deployed at Kennedy and Johnson space centers by the United Space Alliance for their space projects. REASON meets the exacting criteria established for root cause analysis methodology within the aerospace industry. Prior to deployment of REASON, the following criteria were established for selection of root cause analysis capabilities within aerospace. Shown are the REASON evaluation results. You can see why REASON was adopted and deployed.