Environmental, Safety, and Health

An accidental discharge, a release to the atmosphere, an oil spill, a discharge to a waterway, a tank leakage: all are urgent calls to action, calls for root cause analysis and emergency responses.

Root cause analysis issues involved are sensitive, critical, and focus severe criteria upon the quality of the investigations, the objectivity of the analyses, and the appropriateness of the responses. Whether the concern is the day-to-day controls that protect workers long term health, or the engineered systems that contain and prevent catastrophic exposure, each must be addressed professionally, with immediacy and accuracy, when control breaks down. Local and national media can be relied upon to turn up the heat on such issues. Compliance officers, third party investigators, and federal response teams can combine to present major challenges to the professional who must coordinate and manage the handling of environmental concerns. REASON Root Cause Analysis can be a vital part of the professional capabilities and tools that are called upon to deal with these critical events.

Root cause analysis focus upon regulations and compliance standards requires that the exact causes of environmental issues be identified and ameliorated. Just as importantly, the analysis must provide the organization with a way to demonstrate convincingly what did not produce the problem. When concerns of liability, responsibility, compliance, enforcement and the assessment of fines are combined into the one process, it is essential that the methods and tools used to gather and analyze data upon which these determinations will be made are reliable and verifiable. In this restrictive and unforgiving environment, REASON stands alone as a professional analytical tool. The REASON Root Cause Analysis stands up under the severest scrutiny: in a court of law, by a district office, by a review committee, by an agency director, and by enforcement examiners and officers. Why? Because REASON data analysis is a product of repeatable process based upon causal logic, and is the only root cause analysis methodology with criteria for accuracy that produce verifiable data. REASON provides a base of information to better manage environmental concerns and to better protect the organization.

Root cause analysts are routinely called upon to facilitate and conduct analyses when critical significance has been placed upon the issue: homeland security, national defense, and environmental. For Decision Systems and REASON, these issues have included events involving international power outages, explosions, nuclear waste material exposures, spills and problems in our countrys space program. As is true in all other fields, one can spot the experts and professionals in root cause analysis by the tools they use.

If your responsibilities include the control, coordination and management of environmental compliance, safety and health concerns, REASON Root Cause Analysis and Lessons Learned is your solution for investigation, analysis, documenting and communicating.