Making Your Global RCA EffortsTruly Global.

Business is a global endeavor in today’s world. Facilities and assets from around the world must be coordinated and designed to work together to produce both products and service offerings for a global marketplace. Arguably, one of the most important pieces of structure holding such a global operation together involves how the organization collaborates to solve and communicate common issues, problems, and solutions. REASON® is a common toolset, forum, and way of thinking that will bind your global organization together to solve problems better and faster than any other RCA system. Now, with the innovation of DSI’s LanguageBridge ™ feature your organization can share lessons from around the world within your global assets… each in their own language! The users who speak French, English, Chinese, or Arabic can now share their cases with their colleagues who speak virtually any other language. Global users can conduct REASON investigations in their native languages and then provide instant access to another user in the language best suited for the recipient. Over 63 languages are currently available in the system for the sharing of REASON cases and solutions. We have  been an innovation and pioneering leader in the Root Cause Analysis field for over 30 years. LanguageBridge™ represents yet another cutting-edge first  in the RCA field allowing easier collaboration across a multicultural global organization, on the problems they share. It represents another feature born from the same innovative spirit and vision which drives DSI to meet the marketplace’s real-world RCA needs. Contact  us  today to learn more about the availability of this new feature on your REASON9 account.