Power Industry

REASON Root Cause Analysis is uniquely applicable within the power generation, transmission and distribution industries. These industries have evolved (relative to other industries) intense regimes of data monitoring, data buffering, and systems analysis recording. In the case of an unwanted incident, these industries begin on day one of an investigation, with large amounts of highly detailed information about the incident. This highly detailed causal data is the fuel for the REASON® process. This data enables REASON to help generate clear, definitive, and exact modeling of problem incidents that can be analyzed for new control opportunities and other solutions. For this reason, these industries are uniquely positioned (as a by-product of their very design) to reap huge benefits from the REASON RCA process.

Unique Needs Within the Industry

Across the entire power industry, from organizations providing fuel, to hydroelectric, nuclear and fossil fuel facilities generating electrical power, to the complex power distribution grids that network across our continent, REASON Root Cause Analysis plays a crucial role in the industry’s problem solving capabilities. The unique capabilities of the REASON Root Cause Analysis method and software combine to provide the level of analysis and the foundation for study that is required for power industry problems. Critical elements make REASON the only tool of choice for professional root cause analyses in the power industry:

  • The complexity of the industries problems
  • The large volume and detail of data
  • The need to coordinate complex analyses among multiple organizations
  • The urgency of the issues relative to revenue and liability
  • The need for immediate answers to reestablish utilities
  • The need to identify systemic issues for long term remedies
  • The need to uncover human performance, equipment, materials, environment and process issues in one context for modeling and analysis.

REASON- De Facto Industry Standard Reason is not a fancy list of questions. It is not a process that documents what you think you already know about your problems (Microsoft Word® and a flow chart program can do that). REASON® is a process for inquiry. REASON is a process that makes sure that your teams ask the right questions at the right time while investigating issues. It’s a process that focuses your team’s knowledge and expertise on your problems. It’s a system that forces your people to truly discover the facts behind why an incident occurred (and most importantly how it can be controlled into the future). REASON is a true SOP for root cause analysis/investigation; it enforces objectivity on your users which helps the process deliver objective and effective solutions to sometimes very complex issues. REASON’s clients include the U.S. Department of Energy, Reliant Energy, Allegheny Energy, PJM, Midwest Generation, NERC, Georgia Power, Citgo, BG Group, and SunCor.