General Industry

REASON Root Cause Analysis process is a repeatable method for getting straight to the causes of your operations problems. It focuses upon not only the typical issues such as equipment, materials, and personnel, but more importantly upon the business processes in your organization that have generated and permitted the problems and are your avenue to control and prevention.

It is natural for all of us to think of our operations problems as being unique and directly related to our industry; and of course our problems will be involved with our industry, products, processes, personnel and environments. You will want to focus directly on your specific operations issues and practical solutions. REASON provides a directed thinking process that guides you to identify the exact factors that exist and have combined in your operations environment to produce counter-quality problems.

Each industry, operation and skilled individual will bring to the REASON Root Cause Analysis process the focus that concentrates upon the specific problems being experienced by the organization. REASON provides the process that taps into the special job knowledge, experiences, skills and insights of personnel to pinpoint root causes. REASON provides you with a repeatable process that guides, monitors and challenges your thinking, so that assumptions and guesses cannot sneak into your analysis. REASON makes sure that you ask all of the right questions at the right time in order to develop the right answers and solutions.

Because REASON teaches your personnel to see and understand how problems develop within organizations, and what to look for as early warning signs of developing problems, your analyses are always focused upon the organization itself as a source of permanent solutions. The REASON root cause analysis process can be applied in any type and size organization to discover the systemic sources of problems and their remedies.

REASON is successfully used in industries and operations from cheese processing to nuclear waste management, from offshore drilling rigs to naval ships at sea, from executive board rooms for global operations to supervisors in a small job shop. Wherever operations problem exist within an organization, REASON can be effectively and efficiently applied there to develop immediate and sustaining control.