2-day Core Training

Root Cause Analysis Training

For over thirty years, we have trained thousands of users within our 2-day training course. Students attending REASON training generally acclaim it as some of the best – if not the best – they have ever received in their jobs. The main reason for this is that REASON training teaches an analytical skill that is immediately perceived by them to be both powerful and useful in their jobs.

The training is much more than a course on how to operate the REASON software. Students actually learn the logic skills necessary to do the most rigorous root cause analysis in the world. And they acquire these skills in the context of real-world scenarios from a wide range of industries and by means of challenging, hands-on, analytical activities.

The instructors for the trainings are REASON consultants experienced both in the field and in the classroom. We are committed not only to delivering the best root cause analysis skills in the industry, but also to providing an interesting and entertaining classroom experience.

Basic 2-day Training

Course Comments:

“I enjoyed the class and learned some valuable information such as how to think ‘in the moment’ and examine all facets of a situation. The instructor was entertaining. I liked how the class was interactive and not just all about lectures.”

“Easy to understand, even for a guy that never worked with this kind of program. The days were going fast even if we had a lot of stuff to go through. Thank you! Really enjoyed it. Will use it every time we have an equipment failure. Would definitely recommend this training to other professionals.”

The 2-day training is designed to teach the basic logical concepts and analytical skills that make up the REASON root cause analysis process. The goal of the 2-day training goes beyond simply familiarizing students with the concepts of root cause analysis; it seeks to equip them with the understanding to actually perform and explain the analysis. The course is hands-on and dynamic. Students work on actual, real-world incidents and problems.

The following instructional content is organized and presented to provide variety in learning activities.

Basic Skills

  • Identifying types of causes and how they interact
  • Learning to test one’s causal logic
  • Identifying root causes and the organizational steps effective in correcting them
  • Operation of the REASON software

Classroom activities

  • PowerPoint-guided instruction and discussion
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Team game in which root cause analysis skills are applied in competition with classmates
  • Simulated root cause analysis of actual, real-world incidents
  • Students rotate leading simulated root cause analyses
  • Students rotate as software operators