Individual RCA Need

Sometimes one or two individuals find themselves with the responsibility for investigating operations problems like accidents, injuries, fires, claims, and quality issues, sometimes working with a risk manager from an insurance carrier, sometimes providing executive management with crucial information for handling third-party or compliance issues. It is not that these individuals do not have enough to do, because often they wear several hats and have the same level of responsibilities in other areas of activity. You know who you are!

Here is another instance in which REASON is a perfect fit. Just because the task may be only occasional or is just one of the major responsibilities of those key individuals with the many hats, it does not mean that the skills and tools can be casually selected. Many times the event and the focus can be critical and dealing with the most sensitive issues. REASON skills provide you with the highest credentials and the immediate capabilities to generate investigations, analyses, and documented activity and reports at the highest, professional level.

The software expert system guides you and checks your inquiry at each step to make sure that critical questions are asked at the right time. It challenges your thinking and validates each step in the investigation before you progress to the next step. Criteria enable you to verify correctness and completeness at each step. When you complete your inquiry, the software instantly generates first a graphic model showing how the causes combined and interacted , then a case narrative that explains step-by-step how the problem happened, then an objective analysis that pinpoints root causes, their solutions and compares the cost-effectiveness of each

These are the kind of capabilities that today are being applied in our countrys space program, in important nuclear facilities, in our countrys naval and naval-air operations, and on events that impact our countrys national homeland security issues like electrical power outages and toxic concerns. That means that one person equipped with REASON skills and software can provide an organizations executive management with the same level of root cause analysis that is being applied in our countrys most critical operations and by major corporations world-wide.

The good news is that the primary reasons that the REASON system is adopted by these world class organizations are the ease of learning and applying the concept, the consistency and accuracy of data, and the efficiency of automatic analyses and documentation. The software makes sure that you ask all of the right questions, then with a click of the mouse, the software prepares a complete management report. No long and torturous tasks of writing a narrative, charting a model and recommending solutions: REASON does this for you.

And . . . if one of your hats requires you to hold safety and quality meetings, or to make informative presentations to management, the model, graphs, analyses and narrative can be employed as materials to pass along essential information.