Taking RCA Up a Notch

Many organizations that have long embraced the pursuit of operations excellence, find themselves both pleased with their measurable improvement in operations quality and frustrated at the inconsistency of their results.

Commitment to excellence involves substantial investment in cultural change, training of personnel in skills and techniques, adoption of philosophies and doctrine, and deployment of sophisticated data and project management systems.

So, if you are coming to REASON with a background of commitment and dedication to quality, with a track record of success tempered by a need for the level of performance that comes only through consistency of results, we believe that you have come to us at a point in your progress that affords you the most immediate and most significant improvement of your operations, no less than the opportunity to improve the tools you use to improve your operations quality.

In analogy, your facility houses a sleek and powerful machine with skilled operators trained to drive it, and with the skilled maintenance personnel to sustain and preserve it. It sits waiting for the high-octane fuel necessary to maximize your results. That fuel is quality data. The quality of your event data are the direct product of the method you use to identify root causes, develop solutions, and design corrective actions. No amount of sophisticated equipment, trained personnel and support services can compensate for the fundamental lack of this high-performance fuel. In this case, the fuel for your operations improvement machine is the data that accurately discovers the systemic sources of your operations problems, that validates accuracy and completeness of your analysis results, and that objectively assesses available options for benefit and cost-effectiveness.

When you use the high octane data available through application of REASON Root Cause Analysis system, you improve the quality of your problem solving capabilities, assure efficient completion of your action plans and communicate the knowledge learned from your analysis

We have the expertise, experience, personnel, tools and services to support your professional staff. Learn how this one decision can set in place the last step to maximize your investment in and commitment to excellence.