Chemical/Oil Industry

Oil and Gas Industry operations around the world find that the REASON Root Cause Analysis system fills their specific needs for operations, safety, and quality applications. Drilling rigs share information about discovered equipment needs, corporate offices work on-line with the rigs to investigate problems, knowledge learned from root cause analyses is communicated to appropriate personnel and rigs and drill stations around the world..

Through the use of REASON,vital problem-solving skills are pushed out to the field to involve operations personnel in day-to-day process improvement activities..

Operations, maintenance and safety issues and solutions are merged into a common analysis and lessons learned knowledge base for global access by operations in future prevention activities..

With REASON chemical and oil operations around the world can share investigate together, work together on issues of concern, compliance standards, and processes. Their goals for public safety, for worker safety and production environment safety are a top priority. Organizations like DuPont Logistics have adopted REASON and have designed alliance programs in which vendors and suppliers are encouraged to participate in a REASON network of companies that share operations problems with DuPont. Millennium Chemical has trained key personnel globally in order to establish a broad effort to unify and improve operations maintenance and safety concerns throughout their worldwide operations..

These multinational organizations require the kind of management tools provided by REASON: unified process, consistent results, objective metrics for assessment and comparison and standardized documentation for concise communications.