Enterprise Wide

There are many significant advantages to enterprise-wide deployment of root cause analysis.

  • Operations Improvement activities touch and benefit the entire organization.

Organizations that come to the root cause analysis process with the goal of broadly implementing and sustaining a program focused upon improving its business processes and operations, gain an immediate visibility of how the policies and activities within various functions and departments of the organization interact to produce operations problems. Analyses and strategies shift from an emphasis upon what the causes produced . . . to key upon what produced the causes. This fundamental step forward in focus and application provides expanded and advanced capabilities for detecting developing problems, trending patterns, pinpointing fundamental systemic sources of problems, and responding appropriately in order to establish and sustain prevention solutions.

  • Implementation creates cultural change dynamics within the organization.

Enterprise-wide deployment of root cause analysis capabilities broadcasts an executive philosophy and message that tells all employees that operations problems are a product of what we are doing and how we are doing it. Employees come to understand what causes problems in organizations. They gain the skills and experience to detect and communicate early-developing problems within operations. Employees are empowered by their problem-solving skills. Supervisors see the causes of their operations problems as internally controllable, and understand how actions within their area of authority can interact with, compound and impact the actions in other areas of the operation. Through a shared internal infrastructure of policies, procedures, strategies and goals, management gains an accurate visibility of the internal systems that are at the root of problems, and can move positively to broadly improve controls, policies and processes at the organizational level.

  • Deployment costs provide efficiencies and cost benefits initially and long term.

Software, training, consulting, maintenance and support services are bundled to provide substantial discounts on cost, as well as broad services designed to provide essential support for deployment on an enterprise-wide basis.