What is REASON?

Unleash the power of your people

Forms, checklists, training, and software do not solve your problems- people do. If a problem in your organization is going to be solved, its your people who will do it. Your people know how things are done in your organization. They know the environment, the equipment, the policies and procedures. They know how things work. More importantly, they know how things could work. Even highly intelligent, thoroughly professional and knowledgeable people can have difficulty solving problems if they are not asking the right questions. In the simplest of terms, this is what REASON is: a logic process that guides your people to ask the right questions at the right time to focus the power of your people most effectively against your problems and counter-quality events.

What is REASON?

REASON is the state-of the-art Root Cause Analysis system that was born 30 years ago. This process proved superior to other available methods, and it delivered a level of accuracy, thoroughness, and standardization not possible in any existing systems. For those who conducted the REASON RCA analyses, it was now easier and a more straightforward process than ever. For those who used the analyses, they could now easily understand what happened, their options, the best options, and most importantly, they could easily validate the correctness of the analysis and have confidence that it was right before investing the organization’s time and money. Since its creation, we have been constantly improving the system. By staying on the cutting edge of the RCA field, we have developed the REASON system into the worlds premier corporate solution of today. REASON is a process powerful enough to deal with incredibly complicated incidents and simple and straightforward enough to efficiently deal with smaller, less complicated issues, too. REASON® is used daily by some of the world’s largest operations on production, safety, maintenance, and quality issues. Today,  REASON and REASON training run in a web page.  All the power and professional tools and training are accessible on the internet with the press of the button. Never before has such professional RCA capability been so easily accessible for a widespread deployment.

Staying on the cutting edge

REASON is continually being improved and honed through the feedback of our consultants and our customers who are using REASON out in the real world. Through this continuous process of improvement and development, REASON has maintained itself at the cutting edge of the Root Cause Analysis profession. It is the problem solving system used in the USA space program and naval air operations, nuclear waste management facilities, airlines, offshore drilling, electronics manufacturing, and in many critical operations where they must get the right answers quickly and the first time.

  •  REASON is the only RCA process that provides objective quantification so that decision-makers can compare control options objectively for cost-effectiveness.
  •  REASON is the only RCA system with an integrated Causal Lessons Learned System that enables you to look back in time to find how causes interacted in the past to produce similar problems and to see what was done to gain control.
  •  REASON has the only automatically generated RCA report and narrative system that explains step-by-step in natural language how the problem occurred, lists which options are best for control, and shows how factors combined and interacted in the environment to produce the problem.
  •  REASON is the only system that scales itself to the seriousness of the problem being investigated so that the appropriate time and effort is spent on every size problem.
  • Over the years, REASON has grown from being an investigation tool to a comprehensive problem solving system including Lessons Learned and Corrective Action Tracking. Not only is it the easiest system to use, it is the most powerful and polished Root Cause Analysis System on the planet.

REASON was designed with corporations in mind

Global operations present unique challenges for corporations when they seek to implement a system that will be used in diverse operations which are located within different cultural environments with different customs, attitudes and approaches to dealing with problems. The standardized REASON method provides uniform criteria for training and application.

  • Data can be shared.
  • Cooperative investigations and analysis are possible as personnel work together in real time applying the same procedures, tests for accuracy, and analyses process.
  • It is possible to objectively grade the quality of the analyses and results.
  • Executive level management is provided the kind of objective tools that are so necessary to effectively manage broad operations.
  • REASON was designed from the ground up to deliver the particular needs that corporations have when it comes to problem solving. From the easily deployed IT structure of the system, to the user interface, to the training every aspect of REASON was developed with the cross-cultural, logistic, and data needs of todays global organizations in mind.