Department Wide

Many of today’s department managers have responsibilities over a key process within their organization. They need effective problem solving, and want to have the capabilities that normally are associated with facility or enterprise-wide deployment. That is, they want to be able to pinpoint systemic causes of their operations problems, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of their prevention options, and be able to manage the project activity for setting in solutions. They also want their personnel to be able to access and utilize the knowledge that is gained when an operations problem is analyzed and solved. In short, they need virtually the same high level capabilities of an organization-wide deployment, but have a smaller budget, fewer personnel, but the myriad of responsibilities and distractions that come with the department managers turf. One solution, one decision, one professional resource are what is called for to fill the department managers need.

If yours is the department in an organization with a need for a system that provides advanced problem solving capabilities, the utility for managing and following the status of solution projects in progress, and the facility for communicating both the sources of and solutions to problems, REASON is your perfect fit, a stand alone system with big system capabilities, but designed to function effectively at the department level.

REASON provides a way in common for department employees to view, communicate and solve their operations problems. Training is available online and/or conducted on your site.

When your personnel solve an operations problem with REASON, the data learned from their analysis flow into your corrective action tracking system that enables them to manage and keep track of the progress being made on projects. The knowledge of causes and solutions from their analysis flows automatically into your lessons learned system as well; so employees have immediate access to valuable on-the-job information. The lessons learned system also enables you to link data to designated personnel, so that key information gets to the persons who can head off developing problems in their area.

And . . . here is your enabler. The REASON system integrates the three fundamental capabilities that you need to establish and sustain an effective operations improvement data system within your department (root cause analysis, corrective action tracking and lessons learned) into one expert system software that is sensibly priced and fully supported by training, technical and consulting help, and maintenance services.