One of the best ways to multiply the benefits of a REASON Root Cause Analysis implementation is to include the people on the front lines of your organization in the program.

Often, the front line of your organization is where problems first present themselves. When you provide the skills and tools for effective problem solving to the front line, problems can be isolated, seen, and acted upon while they are still small and have not yet caused serious problems. Later on, these front line employees will be able to better assist and provide information for investigations of more costly incident investigations because they are aware of the nature of the process and the thinking behind the investigation. They know what type of information the facilitators of future investigations will need, how they need it and why. This can greatly increase the speed and thoroughness of future investigations. The Frontline mode of investigation in REASONĀ® does not stand on its own as a system, but it can be a magical ingredient for success to include in your implementation plans. Before FrontLine, organizations were faced with the decision to either deploy a problem solving approach with rigor that was appropriate and necessary for dealing with major losses and compliance issues, but was impractical for application to minor issues, or opt for a less rigorous approach that helped deal with minor issues, but was not adequate for application to critical loss and compliance issues. When you deploy Frontline as part of your REASON implementation, you avoid that dilemma because REASON can be applied in either Pro Mode on those high profile cases or FrontLine Mode to deal with those day-to-day problems. REASON deployment enables you to scale application time and effort to match the significance of the problem. Not every problem is a crisis. Using the REASON software in FrontLine Mode answers two needs:

  • REASON in FrontLine Mode is your solution when you need to push problem-solving skills out to the shop floor, or out into the field where your personnel are in touch with many of the day-to-day issues that are generating delays, scrap, rework, repair, and injuries.
  • REASON in FrontLine Mode enables your trained analysts to effectively deal with day -to-day problems when it is appropriate and practical to spend a few minutes finding a solution to a problem, but not realistic to spend hours going through a formal analysis.

REASON in FrontLine Mode adds the capability to effectively deal broadly with those minor and day-to-day issues that can lead to major problems if not caught early, making it feasible and cost-effective to apply repeatable problem solving skills to all of your operations problems. Big problem? Use REASON in Pro Mode. Small problem? Use REASON in FrontLine Mode. FrontLine:

  • A process that is designed to take 15-20 minutes to complete
  • A process that is easy to learn and apply
  • A process that narrows focus to the significant issues
  • A process that focuses upon improving business processes
  • A process with criteria for accuracy and completeness
  • A Root Cause Wizard that guides the analysis to a solution quickly
  • A convenient means to communicate and record solutions