A new limited-time offer to try out REASON Root Cause Analysis!


      It’s that time again-evaluation season!


Many organisations are currently evaluating and budgeting RCA systems for deployment in 2018. We would like to make that an easier process for you and your team to include REASON. We have created packages of training, software and consulting to help quickly acquaint you with REASON and show you it in action. 

REASON is an industry tested, uniquely powerful method and tool for performing RCA investigations.

For over 40 years REASON has been used in industries ranging from Aerospace to Food Service, and from Health Services to IT. It can and almost certainly is being used currently in YOUR industry as well.

Maintenance, Safety, and Operations professionals have counted on REASON to help guide them to world-class RCA results for decades. If you are looking to deploy RCA training and tools into your organization-REASON is a powerful and unique option for you to consider.

We know that to invest in an RCA investigation system you need to be confident  that the method and the tool chosen are effective and usable. So we invite you to consider one of these pilot packages to quickly and efficiently evaluate REASON for your needs,

Each package includes a live webinar-based training and software (annual subscriptions) for each user. These training are designed to not just teach REASON but are designed with an eye to helping you evaluate the overall system and  to help you see its applicability and usability within your organization.

This is a limited-time, discounted offer made  to assist you in making an informed decision about  satisfying your RCA needs. Should your organization decide to deploy REASON the cost of this evaluation pilot would directly be applied to that purchase. 

 We specialize and focus exclusively on RCA and its relate fields. Let us help you become world-class in this area of your organization. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact us (CLICK HERE) if interested in purchasing a discounted Evaluation package or asking a question.

Dates for Training (limited space in each class):

Nov. 15, 2017, 8:00 AM Central-USA (Filled)

Nov. 22 ,2017 8:00 AM Central -USA (Filled)

Dec 6, 2017 7:00 PM Central-USA (Filled)

Dec 13, 2017 8:00 AM Central-USA (Filled)

Given the overwhelming response to these online  Evaluation Training Classes this offer will be extended to the 1st Quarter 2018. Dates TBD)



1-User package-  500.00 USD

2-User package- 750.00 USD

3-User package 950.00 USD 

The course is a 1-day 

To Purchase an Evaluation Package (or ask a question):

Contact us (CLICK HERE)

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1 User

This package includes a REASON software subscription for 1 individual user. It includes a seat in one of the 4, live, online webinar classes cited above.

500.00 USD

2 Users

This package includes a REASON software subscription for 2 individual users. It includes 2 seats in one of the 4, live,  online webinar classes cited above.

750.00 USD

3 Users

This package includes a REASON software subscription for 3 individual users. It includes 3 seats in one of the 4, live,  online webinar classes cited above.

950.00 USD