Successful Deployment

iStock_000021436494SmallIt Takes YOU to Make RCA Successful

There are many critically important ingredients to a successful RCA deployment.  Here are some :

  •  REASON9 RCA Online software
  •  Training (either online on onsite)
  •  The management environment to promote its use
  •  Work cultural environment
  •  User feedback system

It is obvious that an RCA system rollout needs to have the right tools or software driving it. Its also pretty obvious that training needs to be part of your plans too. Of course REASON provides both of these items.

Less obvious are other issues that you as the client provide and control that can figure largely into the success of your RCA deployment. These additional issues together can create a more nurturing environment for your RCA program and maximize its benefits.

Management Requirement and Support

Every organization is different. Even within the same industry what makes sense for one company might not be so for another. Yet that being said, every organization that wishes to succeed in its RCA program must establish a requirement and expectation for the RCA tool’s use. Most often, people are not being paid any more to conduct RCAs. Its inescapable that RCA is another item that is put on the pile of activities that we place on our employees. And, as hard as it is to believe, very few of us feel excited about conducting an RCA just because it’s fun! So it is imperative for organizations to set a proper requirement for the circumstances that require RCA use.

Metal puzzle pieces

A Consequence System

During the first few years of an RCA implementation, a consequence system (both positive and negative) for meeting established goals for use, should be implemented. This system should initially reward simply the meeting  of established usage goals (not necessarily tied to  improvements in the operation).

After a time, the consequence system should be altered to be tied to specific operational improvement goals. By this time, the organization will have a data benchmark of reality concerning the organization’s events that are occurring, and improvement can be better measured and monitored.

Management Valuing RCA

Part of management’s function is to lead people to be the most productive they can be for the organization. That being said, Management must allow time and resources for users to use and engage the RCA process.

If an event has occurred and the operation has been interrupted, management’s legitimate primary goal is to resume normal operations. Yet this must be balanced with the reality that solutions must be discovered and implemented through the RCA process. When management clears the way for RCA and investigation to be done properly it steers the organizational culture to value RCA as a needed and valued activity.

This basic principle is most evident in large loss investigations, where a team has been formed and given a time frame to finish and invesatigation. But the essence of this issue is also true on the smaller issues that are happening on the front lines of the organization.

In situations when a supervisor is doing a small investigation on his own. The manager must weigh the use of that employee’s time on the investigation versus his other operational duties and tasks. There is no universal right answer here. But, if in almost all situations, time/resources are not given to users to properly conduct their RCA’s, without saying it, the organization has communicated its opinion of the value of its RCA program and the work culture will reflect this.

User Feedback

Many organizations approach problem-solving as an elitist activity that is not ‘my’ job. This thinking leads to a work culture and attitude where employees relinquish problem solving responsibility all together.This cultural dynamic erodes the company’s ability to solve problems effectively.

What is needed is a system that allows users up and down the organizational structure to participate appropriately in the common goal of solving problems.

Indeed, it is possible that it is not always prudent for front line employees to engage in problem solving of corporate problems and issues. But those front line employees have problems in their own areas of the company too. And often if they are not dealt with, these problems (small lacks of control) start networking into larger issues of consequence until they do become larger corporate loss issues.

Providing the tools and training to allow everyone to input their areas’ problems and solutions onto the corporate radar not only helps prevent large loss events more effectively, it culturally moves the organization in a healthy, organizationally responsive direction.

Not only should a broad section of your organization be taking part in your RCA programs as possible, but management must institutionalize the reviewing and implementation of discovered solutions across all levels of the organization.

When front line employees and upper managers alike, start seeing corrective action taken on the RCA investigations that they have done in their own areas, it culturally cements in the RCA problem-solving process as the organizational mechanism to effect improvement in the organization. And it does this in a way that gets all levels of employees moving in the same quality direction.

Every company and environment is different. These are just some of the larger issues surrounding a successful implementation. DSI has over 30 years of experience rolling out RCA initiatives into organizations that are small and are at one facility, or globally situated at many facilities within cultures around the world.

Contact DSI to begin discussing your needs and we can help you design the perfect plan for deploying REASON’s world-class RCA tools and training into your organization.

To see an overview video of the REASON system Click HERE.