Standard Operating Procedure


iStock_000003832487SmallIn some circles in life, the issues of subjectivity and variable results are appreciated. For instance, this is true in the creative world of art and design.

In the art world, subjectivity, opinion, and variability of processes lead artists to create art that is at times amazing, and yet at other  times is  truly awful. An artist is not constrained and limited by a strict controlling process, and therefore he can create a unique masterpiece. And yet, that same subjective, variable, and opinion-driven creative process also can lead the artist to create atrocious art too. But such are the product outcomes of subjective and variable processes.

Conversely, in organizations that are striving to instill consistency of quality, safety , and reliability into their products, subjectivity and variability must be eliminated from the processes that create them.

The bottom line: if you want a consistent product, your processes for creating that product must be able to be repeatable by others with consistent results.

In terms of Root Cause Analysis (RCA), the primary product being built is the final report; within that report is the list of root cause solutions and a level of understanding about the investigated event.

Of course a Root Cause Analysis report is produced by a process. And just like all other consistently produced products, the RCA process itself must not be subjective, variable, and opinion driven if we desire consistent results.

Unfortunately, many RCA processes in industry today are producing RCA reports like the art that we have been discussing. These RCA reports are products that are spawn from processes that are subjective, variable, and opinion-driven. These reports are like the artist’s product. They are not generated through a repeatable procedure, but are created through the application of an individual ‘s skill, knowledge and inspiration. And though the reports from such processes are at times incredibly well done, cutting edge, and well presented, at  other times they are inaccurate, misleading, one sided, or even worthless. But as we have mentioned, such are the products of subjective and variable processes.

DSI believes organizations need an RCA process that drives consistency each and every time…regardless of the individual user. DSI believes RCA is not an artistic endeavor. RCA is a process that creates a product;  a product that the organization counts on to be accurate, unbiased, and consistently thorough. And so, companies must insist on using an RCA process that drives users to achieve consistent, repeatable, and unbiased results.

An RCA process’ potential for inconsistency, and the source of that potential, is a natural result of not having a repeatable process that can be applied by different individuals to produce consistent, accurate and verifiable data.

REASON® RCA  is unique in that it is the only true, objective process for RCA available. REASON takes advantage of insights, experience, knowledge and judgement, but is not driven by it. REASON® has been tested and proven to provide repeatable and consistent quality at levels that are uniquely higher than any other system available.

Experience this level of consistency, and contact DSI today to schedule a live online presentation of the REASON® system.

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