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Online RCA Consulting/Facilitation service:


What single decision can vault your safety, operations, and maintenance RCA efforts to world-class status instantly? ANSWER: Allow us to become an internal partner to facilitate your RCA efforts. We can provide your team instant professional RCA capability. We perform this service for hundreds of clients each year. We coordinate everything for you. This solution proves to be extremely cost effective and easy for you the client.

Instead of investing in training and software to internally bring RCA skills and tools to your organization, perhaps bringing this service inside your organization is a better option.

We have provided RCA services for over 30-years and our clients have enjoyed the security and value of our discrete and professional services . Our clients include the US government, global corporations and private not-for-profits. We work routinely with clients on incidents involving some of the most secure and sensitive data possible. You can be confident in our discretion and security with our 30-year record of professional security diligence.

Internalizing our facilitation or consulting services is a cost effective way to instantly achieve a professional RCA department within your organization.

All organizations are covered under a non-disclosure agreement.

All organizations that purchase consulting/facilitation services get an account for access to the REASON RCA online  software. This enables the organization the ability to edit, tack and trend, as well as communicate lessons learned around its organization for one year.

We can facilitate your RCA’s as a third-party investigator or as a regular part of your process improvement efforts. Our world-class consultants use WebEx(TM) or JoinME(TM)services and tools to collaborate with you and your team online to perform professional and world class RCA ‘s for your organization and its management team.

We can merely facilitate…or lead your entire RCA team. Its up to you! We can prepare your preliminary or final reports, or simply provide you with the base materials to produce your own.

Our hope is that once you see the power and capabilities of the support, and the results from professional RCA investigation…your organization will wish to include it as an ongoing resource in your safety, maintenance, quality, and operation programs.

Rates for facilitation through January 1, 2015 :

  • Hourly rate: 250.00 USD/Hour*
  • Daily rate: 1750.00 USD/Day (8- hour work day)
Experience the REASON process and DSI’s facilitation service today on your current event.

Focused.Field-Tested. Renowned.

teamworkWe are a 30-year old consulting organization that has been exclusively focused in one niche area of expertise: Root Cause Analysis.

We have established and maintained ourselves as a pioneer in the field of RCA (and its associated fields) since the beginning of the discipline.

Thirty years ago the REASON Root Cause process was created. This process revolutionized and transformed the RCA field from its simplistic roots to an applied systemic approach. This method grew in the early eighties from a paper–based process into a software tool, and we have been polishing the process ever since.

Our consultants teach and use the REASON method and tools in the field in the real world of operations, safety, maintenance, and many other disciplines within organizations. Our Consultants bring this ‘real-world’ knowledge back to help develop new and even more user friendly features and functionality within the REASON system. This feed back from the real world has been key to keeping REASON stay on the cutting edge of the field.

Our consultants work in every imaginable field, industry and environment, whether its working on quality issues, fatalities, national blackouts, production problems, human resource issues, maintenance problems, shipping or logistic issues.

Our consultant have world-class experience and know-how to lead and assist your RCA efforts. Our consultants are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Root Cause Analysts in the world. Our consultants are routinely recruited to lead the investigations of high-level international infrastructure events, fatality investigations, and other catastrophic events.

We can come onsite to join or lead your team in your critical event investigations, yet most clients prefer the ease, cost advantage, and flexibility of utilizing our online facilitation services.

We can lead your entire team and the investigative process, ( including tasks like interviewing and field data collection, report generation and recommendation reporting ) or we can simply facilitate the RCA process and provide expert guidance: it’s all up to you.

Most organizations that use our facilitation services opt to do it remotely, via internet, audio/visual sessions. In this way, the ‘boots on the ground’ are your internal employees, and DSI remotely facilitates the group to build the RCA model or report.

Utilizing our world-class facilitation expertise can be a critical resource and cost effective option for organizations needing 3rd part RCA investigation and reports regarding compliance and litigation issues.

The numbers say it all: 93% of our clients that have used our online facilitation services once , do so again at least once a year thereafter.

The bottom line: It’s a high quality service, delivered quickly, with ease and professionalism. For those who need world-class third party investigative or facilitator services there is no greater value .

Whether onsite or via remote sessions online, the consulting services can be customized to work around your schedule and needs.

Additionally, some organizations desire the comfort of knowing that emergency investigation services are available and guaranteed on a moment’s notice. If an emergency response capability such as this is desired— these types of services can be secured with a retainer.

If you would like to know more about our Facilitation services, or would like to schedule RCA services please contact DSI today! * Note if more than 4 consecutive hours are delivered for consulting/facilitation services in a business day the daily rate shall apply.