$9500.00 Promotional REASON RCA Offer

Training Promotion

$9500.00 New Corporate Customer Promotion

Skyline Solutions, would like to make you an offer that includes
  1. One, onsite RCA course
  2. Annual REASON Software Subscription for your entire facility
  3. User support
This is a temporary, promotional offering. Skyline is offering this bundle to new clients to help remove the  issue of cost for any new client wishing to move forward with a proper Root Cause Roll out that includes all the ingredients for success: onsite training, tools, and support. This promotional offering provides an inexpensive avenue for your organization to trial and test the REASON system to see its value. After the initial year, your organization can then opt to discontinue using REASON, or you can simply start standard maintenance of your system (contact Skyline for current Maintenance rates). Specifics of offer:Promotional Offering 2
  • 1, 2-day REASON9 PRO RCA course onsite free (expenses only)
  • Unlimited-access Annual REASON Software Subscription
  • Domestic USA only (contact Skyline for promotional offers abroad)
  • Courses must be purchased by 3/20/2016 and scheduled to be received before 3/20/2017
  • If you would like to learn more about this offering, please fill out this information request form and a Skyline representative will contact you back personally to discuss it with you.
  • After one year of service should you decide to continue using REASON the regular Corporate Subscription rate  for your software would be due (Ask your Skyline representative for more information).