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signpostsThe High Road Taken

When faced with a need, but different approaches are available to fill that need, it can be a perplexing challenge, especially when the nature of the options themselves requires you to understand a lot about the options and accept a particular level and definition of success.

For example, if faced with the need to improve the graduation rate of high school students, one option is to analyze, determine causes of failure, assure adequate facilities, improve quality of both lessons and teachers, and secure the active participation of parents in the learning process. Another option is to lower expectations and grading standards. Both the “low road” and the “high road” option result in a higher rate of graduating students.

This is the type of challenge many operations managers face when filling the need for improved results from operations improvement activities, including root cause analysis.

Most managers intuitively understand that consistency and success in solving problems is dependent on having good and accurate data that pinpoint causes and solutions of the problem. But that ‘high road’ option normally requires some things: a professional root cause analysis system, an effective on-going training capability, and practical access to tools for discovering, analyzing and reporting. Professional Root Cause Analysis requires investment in people, infrastructure, and training. So, some managers are forced to reduce their expectations from RCA due to the fact that their budgets have been reduced or capped.

The decision becomes one very much like the graduating student example cited above. To save on costs involved with RCA training and tools, there are managers who may reluctantly consider scaling back their costs, investment, and expectations when it comes to their Root Cause program. Yet, there are other managers who may resolve to choose to maintain or increase support and expand their RCA program expectations. To both managers, we say that the new, web-access REASON 9 system and training may be your practical and cost-effective answer to honoring both of your goals by finding your “high road” RCA system solution with a ‘low road’ cost option.


  • The most powerful root cause analysis system on the face of the planet, but its interface is so intuitive as to be impressively (amazingly) easy.
  •  Instant web-access to REASON 9 Training and REASON 9 Analysis Software 24/7
  •  Available on annual subscription: no IT issues, concerns or additional costs
  • Supported by world class REASON Root Cause Analysts to help if you ever get in a pinch.

To see an overview video of the REASON system Click HERE.