REASON9  has been totally re-envisioned. It’s the same superior process and approach that has for decades made REASON the premiere RCA solution in many industries. Yet, this new revolutionary method is easier, faster, and achieves better results than any other system available.

DSI began developing and testing this new way to guide users through an RCA over ten years ago. The idea was to use something that users already know, and, therefore understand.  The idea was to use a simple time line. That coupled with the logic process of REASON has become a powerful new interface that makes the process easier.

Everyone can organize causes onto a time line. It’s easy to ascertain whether a particular cause existed before or after another. A simple time line serves as the graphic-core to the new interface of REASON. As REASON9 guides the user through the logical inquiry process, the questions can point directly to the timeline where the questions are relevant. This pairing of the REASON logic process and timeline has created a powertool for RCA investigators like has never been seen before.

REASON is a powerful and unique offering to organizations seeking to deploy RCA programs. Whether you’re wanting to deploy REASON to one person or thousands, with a choice and the press of a button, your implementation can be in place.
  1. The demo is limited to 30-days use
  2. The demo is limited to build causal models with 15 causes
  3. The REASON system uses, as its main system of input, a timeline. Timelines are things that people intuitively understand. We have coupled a timeline interface with a guidance system that is prompted by the REASON method.
  4. DSI has created self-paced, online training  that do not just teach with slides and videos, but allows the student to learn while within the tool itself. This enables the user to explore and learn about building RCAs by practicing on real case studies within the very tool they are trying to learn!
What REASON provides, that simply no other system does, is an easy to understand process, tool, and training that will allow your organization, large or small, to deploy professional RCA tools and training, regardless of scalability issues, on the day you decide to make it happen.
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