Innovation is Key

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Over the last three decades, as technology and the competitive needs of business and industry have changed, so have the fundamental challenges and demands for operations improvement methods and tools. These changes demand innovation to sustain progress. New requirements, new environments, and new challenges cannot be met by merely doing the same things, the same way . . . only better.

New challenges call for new ideas, new processes, new tools, new attitudes and a new perspective. When those qualities all come together, we call it innovation.

REASON 9 is the perfect and classic example of innovation. REASON 9 is a new root cause analysis tool, filling the new need for a tool that functions in the new “in the cloud” environment.

The analysis process itself is a newly engineered approach that takes advantage of the natural, intuitive skills of the user and enables us to provide high level training completely on the web globally.

For our clients, the new concepts and capabilities of REASON 9 combine to provide an innovative solution for deployment of new root cause analysis tools and training via the Internet. It does so cost-effectively and in a way in tune with the world’s current economic, and logistic realities.

Forecasting and anticipating industries’ needs, research, study, design, development and hard work are the ingredients of innovation.

Over the years, Decision Systems, Inc. has established a reputation for innovation and contribution to the science and application of root cause analysis.

We at Decision systems, inc. are proud of that history.

List of REASON Firsts

  1. Development of the first causal logic rules for investigation of organizational problems.
  2.  Discovery and development of the Principles of Organizational Control.
  3.  Development of first objective criteria and system for validating the accuracy of causal data.
  4. Development of  first analysis process for objectively determining and comparing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of individual and combined prevention options.
  5. First Timeline data-input interface
  6. First totally web-enabled RCA system
  7. First totally online user-level, web-delivered training
  8. First RCA software with a  built-in training-mode

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To see an overview video of the REASON system click HERE.

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