How to Buy REASON

There are two basic variables to think about with the REASON system: training and software. Note: For RCA system implementations using a REASON Corporate Subscription, Skyline Software will consider both the amount of your onsite training, and software subscription in making a customized price quote bid to you. The pricing details below should provide you a general understanding of the basic costs involved. Software: The software portion of an implementation  is easy to explain: REASON is  a subscription-based web application service/product. We have two basic software pricing schedules. The first  is Individual Subscription pricing, the other is unlimited Corporate Subscriptions (based on organizational size). Individual Subscriptions can not be shared with other individuals. Each individual subscription is linked to a particular person/user. Corporate Subscriptions are unlimited licenses within your organization (regardless of location). Our customers fall into general size categories,and so we have Corporate Subscriptions sized accordingly. Packages range from 15,000.00USD / year to 60,000.00/year. All Corporate subscriptions include an onsite course each year ( to provide continued development of Investigation/RCA skills within your organizaztion) , as well as unlimited online training (to help maintain, and refresh your user base). This course is provided free with the Corporate Subscription (expenses only). We have created pricing models that are friendly to both large and small organizations. Dependent on the size of your organization,and it’s goals- the point where Corporate pricing is a better value to you is around 8-15 licenses. As an example( in USD):
  • For an individual license purchase REASON9 Software  is 900.00/year ( bundled with online training) .
  • Corporate Software subscriptions are 15,000.00/year (bundled with online training) if you are an organization that is 1-500 employees in size
  • Corporate Software subscriptions are 20,000.00/year (bundled with online training) if you are an organization that is 501-2000employees in size.
  • Corporate Software subscriptions are 40,000.00/year (bundled with online training) if you are an organization that is 2001-4000 employees in size.
  • Corporate Software subscriptions are 60,000.00/year (bundled with online training) if you are an organization above 4000 employees in size
    Training: Training is the other cost variable with the REASON system. We have onsite training and online computer based training options.       For Example (all courses are plus travel expenses):
  • A 2-day REASON Pro course onsite (by itself) is 20,000.00.
  • 1 Day RCA (Frontline) course, or Management Orientation: 10,000
  • Discounts are provided if courses are scheduled to be received consecutively at that same location
  • Discounts are provided if classes are purchased in bulk
There are 1,2,3, and 5-day courses available to support the REASON system. Training for Investigation, RCA, Fronltine, Express , Corrective Action,Lessons Learned, Management Orientation, Supervisors Training, and Lead User training are but the most common onsite training courses that might be part of your customized RCA/Investigation program. Contact Skyline today to get started using REASON! CLICK HERE to ask more about REASON. Want a customized quote for an implemention of REASON…CLICK HERE Want to purchase REASON now? CLICK HERE