DSI Philosophy

Philosophy and Mission Statement of Decision Systems. Inc.

“Good management decisions are a product of good data and good judgment”

The above statement expresses the philosophy that has guided DSI through its history. Simple and exacting, it speaks to the intent of our products and services: data that are objective; data that provide a basis for good judgment.

Our mission can be expressed just as concisely: “The mission of DSI is to provide uncompromising quality of products and services to serve and support management’s problem solving and operations improvement decisions.”

As you explore and view REASON 9’s capabilities, you will see how our philosophy and mission have defined our “in the cloud” product design criteria, and their resulting data.

  • Good data means objective, factual, verifiable and meets strict logic tests, and therefore not merely personal opinions and assumptions.
  • Good data means measurable by a consistent, objective quantification standard to support good judgment, and therefore not someone’s best assessment of degree and quantity.
  • Good data means produced by a repeatable process that generates consistent data from different sources, and therefore not a different perspective from each person.
  • Good data means instantly accessible, usable form, and therefore not limited by site, geography or language.

We believe that our guiding philosophy and mission statement are a perfect fit with organizations that are establishing or upgrading their continuing operations improvement capabilities, and are seeking reliable, long term relationships to support those goals.