Continued RCA Education

The Vision of an Analyst’s Continuing Education

teamworkWhat makes a professional RCA investigator/analyst?

The answer involves many characteristics and skills. Not only does someone need RCA skills, but they need interviewing skills, human performance knowledge, project management skills, and a slew of other skills to truly be called a Professional Root Cause Investigator. With each newly acquired skill, an analyst becomes that much more productive and thorough in his investigative work.

Each of these separate ‘sister-disciplines’ complements a user’s RCA abilities to produce a well-rounded and professional Root Cause Analyst. Of course, first obtaining and learning the core skills enabling the analyst to build validated cause-and-effect models of an event is of paramount importance. This is what users receive when taking the the REASON® Pro/Express training . Yet DSI provides additional training options for analysts to develop and grow into well-rounded professional analysts.

DECISION Systems, Inc. (DSI) has for years provided a continuing education path for its users in face-to-face trainings. Now, with the availability of REASON ONLINE training, users can each year opt to continue their education and grow as an analyst both easily and cost effectively.

When REASON9 users renew their online software and training subscription, they can opt to either retake the basic REASDON9 training as a refresher, or progress with other online training courses focused upon developing new professional skills to complement and support basic RCA skills.

Currently anticipated courses include: Investigator’s training, Human Performance Analysis, Behavior-Based Analysis, Interviewing , Legal Data Collection training, and a host of other options.

Get yourself and your Investigation team on a path to RCA professionalism. Sign up for REASON RCA training today!

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  • Eric T Holmes


    Hello! I would like to know if there are any face-to-face classes scheduled in the near future or if there is any available on-line training. I am a Safety Professional with 20+ years experience.

    Thank you.






    We have discontinued the REASON(R) Training Center. Which means we no longer have RCA classes in the open enrollment venue at our facility.

    If you are interested in hosting an onsite training at your facility I can provide information on that to you. LANL has a REASON Facility License for REASON and so a special governmental pricing schedule is involved.

    Additionally be aware that a growing number of REASON courses are available online through the REASON9 training system. Here is a link about the online REASON continuing education program :

    Here is a direct link to the online training options (on our online system). This will include basic descriptions and cost:

    Again, let me know if you are interested in bringing us onsite again for training. I will then send you all the logistic details and cost information.

    Be aware also, that REASON has upgraded to Version9 ( which is online). We are still supporting previous versions of the REASON system (both technical, and training support). I would suggest looking at our new system described online at:

    Please let me know how to assist you further.

    Have a great day!

    -Jason Jones


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